Love, lust, and … tentacles?

Irresistible Monstrosities are coming! (Heh)

That’s right, I’m jumping on the monster romance bandwagon, and of course I’m going all-in with a reverse harem story 😉 My monsters are humanoid but not shifters, so you can expect it to get weird (in the best way).

Since I had a little mini-breakdown with my writing at the end of last year, I had to cancel a preorder for another, as-yet-unfinished book series (one that might not get finished, if I’m being honest with myself). I was trying to keep a full-time author schedule while having a full-time day job and some semblance of a social life outside of that. Not conducive to mental stability sometimes. As such, I cut back on the box sets I’m in for the year and took a breather from writing until my Muse stopped being pissed at me. She finally gave me the inspiration for Irresistible Monstrosities, and I’ve got that rolling right along–but because of the canceled preorder (and because Amazon has rules and stuff), I can’t set another preorder until next year. So…It’s gonna be a LIVE release. Some day. I’m hoping this spring, and things are still on track for that. I have a cover in the works and I’m already almost 20% into the story at about a week’s worth of writing time. Go me!

Now on to less fun news: financially, it looks like I’m going to have to cut back on some of what I’ve been trying to do to build my author brand/business. I got a little manic (if you’re bipolar, you know what I mean) and spent too much on swag and new covers for some of my better titles that weren’t doing so well because they had my homemade crappy covers. The covers I’ve gotten back so far are FANTASTIC, but sadly I will have to budget my time and money to allow for future cover designs if I’m going to continue writing–which I have no intention of stopping.

Ideally, in a perfect world, I’d have the extra funds to hire a PA (personal assistant) to help me out. I had one who was working pro bono for me, but she had life issues of her own and couldn’t keep that up. Fast forward to now, when AJ has put too damn much on her plate again. I’ve got several takeovers lined up in the coming weeks/months, which isn’t too terribly much to handle, but still … that’s more time taken away from the writing to prepare for those. Ugh.

I’ll find a way. Already this month my page reads have almost reached the totals for November AND December combined, so the new covers seem to have helped at least somewhat. I’m gearing up to make myself a signed paperback form that I’ll open every so often for readers to order physical books from me. Now that I have covers WORTH having in your grubby little mitts, I feel like this might be a good idea to revisit.

Things have slowed down. They’ll stay slow for a while. I won’t have the output of a full-time author, but I’ll do my damnedest to have the quality of a “real” author. I’m not quitting. I’m just taking my time to maintain some semblance of a healthy mental state.