Listing in the right direction

Well, the numbers are in, and so is the official “verdict”: Wicked Souls: A Limited Edition Reverse Harem Romance Collection has made the USA Today Bestseller List!

What does that mean for yours truly and the Abnormalverse? Well, a couple of things, actually…

First off, I get bragging rights. I mean, yeah, I was one of dozens of authors in the anthology, but still–USA Today Best-seller over here!! Check out that beautiful Facebook frame on my profile picture:

I earned that! I’m still blown away by it, but yeah, that’s me!

Another thing about this list accomplishment: the Abnormalverse now has a USA Today Best-selling story in it. Fuck yes!

Oh, and the best part? We at Wicked Souls made motherfucking history with this set! How is that, you ask? Well, we just happen to be the first-ever completely reverse harem anthology to make the list. First. Ever. Let that sink in. Not only did we do the thing for the first time, but the hope is that we’ve paved the way for other reverse harem authors and sets to get up there and hit that high note.

Did I maybe log onto my computer almost the second I got home and add “USA Today Best-selling Author” to every single solitary cover file I’ve got on my laptop? You bet your sweet ass I did! Did I post in numerous social media outlets about it? Fuck yeah I did! Am I done adding that USAT accolade to all the things? Nope. Not yet. There’s still my Amazon author profile, Goodreads, Bookbub….I’ve got my work cut out for me!

It looks damn sexy on those covers, too….Just check this out:

*Sigh* So, so pretty.

That reminds me, I gotta hop on over to Amazon and update some covers in the system…

I’ll be giddy as fuck for a while over this! Lol