Inked again

Yep, it’s that time again! I decided to get a writerly tattoo, and after searching for months on Pinterest I found a design I loved. The catch? I didn’t want to use “household” funds to pay for it, so I funded this by selling autographed copies of Abnormal. Yep, a writing tattoo funded by my writing. (Plus, it helped shorten the stack of leftover books from Tucson Comic Con. Lol)

It’s not huge, it’s not elaborate, but it’s what I wanted and it’s great. The artist (Amanda Jimenez at Battleship Tattoo in Sierra Vista, AZ) had an amazingly light hand, so I almost fell asleep lying there…but I had a friend with me recording live for Twitter, so I stayed awake just to avoid snoring. Lol

This has really been a huge pick-me-up. I missed getting new tattoos (it’s been over a year since my last one), and just knowing that my writing was enough to cover a tattoo feels great.

The next tattoo isn’t that far off; hubby wants to get coordinating Gallifreyan tattoos done for our anniversary. He wants his name in Gallifreyan; I’ll get my name. I’m still trying to decide where to get mine; with 40+ tattoos of varying sizes compared to his one small one, I have considerably less available real estate for it. Because of the detail associated with the tattoo (lots of fine lines and circles) I need to get it relatively large, so I have to decide where I have left that’s large enough for it.