In the dark

It’s night. It’s almost pitch black despite the moon being on the full side. Things are quieting down here at Great Western War, and things have gotten philosophical.
Jobs. Economy. Life. Too deep of a concept string for my drunk ass to follow.
Yeah. I am drunk. I had an entire bottle of Bailey’s this afternoon. I ate, but I’m still buzzed. The alcohol still prevails over the food… and common sense.
I also feel outside my conversational comfort zone here. I am smart, but I’m not street smart. I don’t get the common sense stuff that most people just…get. I do my job, I pay my bills, and I don’t comprehend the status that most people live at. Working. Struggling. Striving.
I’m doing okay. I get by. I don’t make inordinate amounts of money. I don’t skate through life. But I get by.
Darkness brings all kinds of thoughts that wouldn’t come in the daytime. Is it the stars? Is it the lack of light that blinds us to reality? Am I still drunk? Maybe.
Who knows what I’m talking about. I sure as hell don’t. I’m just babbling.
I think I need a shower. Or a nap. Or bedtime. 
Mundane life beckons, and I don’t wanna.