Drumroll please….

Here it is–the release date for Abnormal is live!

Hard to read on your screen? That’s ok. I’ll type it out for you:
September 1, 2018
That’s right, in one short month you can purchase your own copy of the book I’ve been telling you about for two years now! It will be available in ebook on Amazon or in print in bookstores.
I’m beyond excited. If you follow me on any other social media, it’s going to be all over it. All. Over. It. I’m playing with the Canva app, making quick cover images and posts as much as I can.
There may be a giveaway or contest coming up 😉 Maybe something I can make for the winner, or maybe an autographed copy? I’ll have to brainstorm on that.
Got any ideas for that? How about any questions about Abnormal? Comment away, or tag me in a Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram post!