Back to reality, with goals set

Come Monday morning, I’m back to the land of the working. What does that mean for my writing? Well, it means I’m back to the early-a.m. writing sessions and sneaking moments on break or in the evenings to get some words in.

Pact with the Pack came to me hard and fast, less than a month for the first draft, but I’m only on Chapter 6 of Fed by the Fae, which means it’s going to take much, much longer. Dealing with Demons is in the early planning stages, but it, too, will have to be written in stolen moments. So why have I chosen this year as the deadline for all three to be completed? Maybe I’m a masochist. Maybe I’m dreaming. But maybe, just maybe, I believe I can do it.

I’m giving myself six months to finish drafting, revise, get someone to edit, revise some more, find some betas, format, and publish.

Six months. Half a year.

Can I do this? My usual turnaround for one novel (oh yeah, these are longer than the novellas for The Mage Asylum Trilogy) is one to two years, give or take. And I’m thinking I can pull off three in roughly half a year.

We’ll see. This is my accountability, though. This is me, telling the universe that I’m going to do this. This is me saying “Get off your ass and write, bitch!” Well, I mean, I’ll have to get on my ass to write, because I hate writing on my phone (unless I’m inspired and simply can’t get to my laptop), so writing standing up is a no-go.

Who knows, though? Maybe I’m getting better. Maybe I’ll get them done and be able to move on to the fourth Abnormal book. Maybe I’ll get that done, and move on to the next project, etc. I’ve got a bit of a list going….

Oh, that’s right…I also have Book 3 of Abnormal in the works. I mean, it’s in the publisher’s hands, so when that comes into play is up in the air, but yeah…I got a workload ahead of myself.

I think I can do this.


I can do this.