A good start

Well, my first two completed interviews for Talk Nerdy With Us went well. 🙂 Here are some links



The top link is from a phone #interview I conducted this past Tuesday, and the bottom link is from my first ever interview, an email interview.

The phone interview had some hiccups because I was nervous and kept giggling or saying “Right, right,” while poor Joe was talking. Next time I do a phone interview I’ll try to be more professional, but hey, it was my first phone interview. I think overall I did pretty good, and I think I learned my lesson after having to try to hear Joe over myself when transcribing from the recording lol

It was amazing being able to interview a TV show creator and producer so early on in my journalism career (if that’s what this pans out to be). I’d love to be able to continue on in this field, because I am truly enjoying it. I still like working at the eye clinic, but this is a different kind of work entirely. I’m still learning things, and I’m still meeting and engaging with new people, so it’s still two things I like to get from a job, but they’re quite unique experiences.

Tomorrow is another West Coast time live tweet of Joe Mallozzi’s #SyFy show #DarkMatter, so log on to Twitter at 10pm PST and follow @talknerdywithus to follow along as I tweet along with the show 🙂