What fresh hell is this

It’s 2018 already people. Almost 2019. We’re supposed to be evolving, not devolving. So what the actual fuck?
I’m gonna go vaguely specific here. Why is stupid shit like sexism, racism, and general assholery still being rewarded? Hell, shit that’s worse than general assholery is being rewarded. I don’t get it.
How fucking hard is it to reward the good and beat the snot out of the bad? Okay, maybe not beat the snot out of them. But something. Positive reinforcement for negative behavior doesn’t stop the negative behavior.
I guess I’m just angry at society in general today. Not you, individually (unless you’re an asshole), but in general. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to pick up my spirits and not be so jaded and pissed off. Maybe I’ll see more people standing up like they should. Maybe heads will come out of asses and things will be right for one.