Terminal Love

Sally’s heart sank as she watched the departure board flip through its series of delays. The storm outside raged, and the airport’s intercom had announced moments ago that its flights were all grounded pending a change in weather.

This flight had cost her the last of her savings. Without any extra cash for a hotel room for the night, she’d have to sleep in one of the terminal’s hard plastic chairs. Not something she was looking forward to, especially with her pain level compounded by the stress of recent weeks.

“Good thing I managed to get a room before they all filled up.”

The voice startled Sally, and she jumped. She spun around to see a tall, slender man in khakis and a navy polo shirt standing next to her. He had a slight five o’clock shadow, and despite his attempts to brush it back with his hand, a lock of brown hair kept escaping to fall over his eye.

He smiled down at her. “You staying at the hotel here through the storm, or are you heading into town for the night?”

Sally sighed and shrugged. “I guess I’m staying right here at Gate C.”

He frowned. “What? No. You can’t stay in the terminal overnight. That’s crazy.”

“Look around,” Sally said with a sweeping gesture. “There are plenty of people settling in. I just have to find a comfy chair to huddle up in until my flight’s finally cleared to leave.”

The man shook his head and extended a hand. “C’mon. I got a pretty decent suite for the night; I think there’s even a couch in the room. Come stay with me for a few hours at least. No funny business, just a place to crash until the storm clears.”

Sally looked at the offered hand but didn’t take it. “No offense, sir, but I don’t know you.”

He laughed. “Fair. How about dinner then? We can chat for a while, and if you decide I’m too sketchy then there’s no obligation to come up to my room with me.”

After a few moments’ consideration, Sally nodded and took his hand. She could use a good meal, and the airport bars and restaurants were crowded enough that there would probably be plenty of witnesses if he tried anything.

They sat at one of the airport bars, eating, drinking, and chatting away for hours. Sally warmed to him with each passing moment, and more often than not she found herself reaching out to place her hand over his. By the time the waiter shooed them to the door at closing, Sally had learned that the man’s name was Kevin, he worked in a large corporation (but despite his business casual dress, he wasn’t traveling for work–though he wouldn’t say why he was), and–best of all–he was single.

Kevin put a steadying arm around Sally as they made their way to his hotel room. Despite her initial hesitation, she had enjoyed the meal–and the drinks–enough to agree to his proposition. He even offered to take the couch so she could sleep in more comfort.

Sally took first crack at the shower, and the plush hotel robe felt wondrous against her skin afterwards.

When Kevin took his turn, she giggled as she heard him moan when the water started. He must’ve had a rough day, too, she thought, until she noticed that the moaning hadn’t stopped. Rather, it deepened and grew more frantic.

Curious, Sally tried the knob on the bathroom door–and found it unlocked. She inched the door open until she could see into the steamy bathroom. On the other side of the frosted glass shower door, Sally could make out Kevin’s silhouette. She grinned and entered the bathroom, letting the robe slide to the floor.

In the shower, Kevin stroked his massive cock. Even with all the steam and frosted glass, Sally could tell that he was built for pleasure. She opened the shower door and stepped inside. Kevin’s eyes stayed hooded, and his hand continued to pump, but he whimpered when he heard her come in.

“You don’t have to–” he whispered. “I–“

Before he could finish his protest, she wrapped her fingers around his dick and slid her slender hand up and down the silky shaft. “I don’t have to,” she purred, “but I want to.”

She pressed herself against his hard, wet body and placed her lips to his. For a few minutes they allowed themselves to explore each other, hands roaming and stroking. She shuddered when his fingertips brushed her breasts, and by the time he slid his long fingers into her soaking wet pussy she was more than ready. Sally let out a moan of her own and leaned her hips closer.

Kevin teased for a few moments, pumping his fingers in her tight slit. His breath quickened, and before she knew it, Sally found herself spun around and pressed face-first against the wall of the shower.

She expected a swift entry, but Kevin waited until his fingers had her writhing and screaming in ecstasy before he finally slid his cock inside. He snaked his hands around to her front and grabbed her firm breasts, massaging them as he pumped his hips. Sally arched her back as his thick shaft rammed into her time and time again.

Steaming hot water rained down on the two of them, and Sally was grateful for the hotel’s excellent water heater. She knew that if they’d been at her place, the water would have been ice cold by the time Kevin finished.

He filled her with one final thrust, and they stood under the stream for a few minutes, pressing against each other and trying to catch their breath. Kevin’s hand drifted from her breast to shut off the water. He pulled out and opened the shower door, grabbing each of them a fresh towel.

Minutes later, Sally and Kevin lay snuggled together on the king-sized bed, arms wrapped around each other as they basked in the afterglow. Sally’s head rested on Kevin’s shoulder, and he had one arm around her while the other stroked her nipple.

“Your breasts are so beautiful,” he said. “They’re perfect.”

A bitter laugh escaped Sally’s lips, and despite her best efforts she was reminded of why she had been traveling in the first place. “You can thank the reconstructive team at Johns Hopkins for those,” she said. “They did a great job.”

“Reconstructive? So–“

She nodded. “Yep.”

To Kevin’s credit, he didn’t back away. Instead, he held her closer. “Did they get it all?”

Sally sighed and shook her head. “Nope. Metastasized too fast. This trip was my one last chance to knock a few things off my bucket list. Y’know, Paris, London, Barcelona–I never got the chance to travel when I was younger. Too damn busy with crap that doesn’t even matter now.”

“I hear ya.” He opened his robe. “I’ve had some reconstruction done myself. You can’t even tell which testicle is fake. Sometimes even I forget.”

Sally sat up straight and turned to look Kevin in the eyes. “And yours? Did they get it all for you?”

This time it was Kevin’s turn to shake his head. “This was a bucket list trip for me, too, I guess. Got to see some great sights in Africa and Egypt. I’ll have some great memories to take with me to the grave.”

Sally nodded and leaned back into Kevin’s chest. “Where are you headed tomorrow, when the storms have let up?”

“Home. I’ve got a few things to get sorted before it’s all over.”

“What gate are you leaving from?”

“Terminal M, I think.”

“Oh. Mine’s C.”

He rested his chin on her head. “I remember.”

“Do you think you’ll have time for one more trip? Maybe come up to Baltimore for a few days?”

Kevin shook his head. “Nope. By the time I made the flight arrangements, it would be time for my parents to get started on my funeral arrangements.”

“I understand.”

“Not that I wouldn’t love to take you up on that invitation,” he said.

Sally and Kevin’s phones buzzed in unison on the bedside tables. Sally pulled out of Kevin’s arms and checked her message.

“Guess the flights are back on. Gotta get back down to my gate.”

“Me, too.”

Sally stood up and started to put on her clothes. “So–I guess I’ll see you again on the other side?”

“Sounds like a date.”