Technoderp extraordinaire!

really need to learn this computer stuff. I’m supposedly from the generation that learned PCs and laptops from the ground up. Remember playing with the Turtle program in computer lab as a kid? I do…kind of. You typed in a C:// command (or something like that), told the Turtle how far to go, how many degrees to turn, etc., and the Turtle followed those commands and drew a picture based on what you typed. I remember when computer screens came with one background color (black) and three font colors (white, green, and orange). Exciting times! And who didn’t love the free AOL email account discs in the checkout lanes of the grocery stores?

In trying to teach myself how to promote my new poetry book and learn to use social media outside of Facebook, I have confused the Dickens out of myself. I have followed so many people on Twitter that my feed is flooded, and of course I don’t know the best method of filtering through them. How can people follow thousands of others and not go blind scrolling through the feed?

My Facebook page is minimally better to manage. I understand how to post on there, but sadly Facebook has been making it difficult for pages to have all of their posts viewed by all followers. Sure, I could “boost” my posts, which I am sure requires currency of some sort, but no thanks, Facebook. Sometimes I get more post views if I share my page post onto my personal profile, but that makes me feel as though I’m unnecessarily spamming those friends who follow both my page and my profile.

I also got so excited about making this blog and seeing that it had a mobile app that I neglected to remember the URL for it. Logging in took me about fifteen minutes on the laptop. (Did I mention I also created and set up the account on mobile? I’m one smart cookie–sometimes.)

The one thing that I seem to have gotten right was linking Twitter, my Facebook page, and this blog so that one post on any of the three automatically is shared with Twitter and Facebook. (Most of my Twitter and Facebook posts aren’t really “blog material,” so I have not yet attempted to link those to this blog. If it is indeed possible.) Oh, and I self-published a small book of poetry. Not quite the Great American Novel (give me time; I’m working on it), but still something I consider to be a big accomplishment. The book is called “Kamikaze Butterflies” and will be on “sale” temporarily for the holidays, $1.99 USD and whatever that translates to in other currencies. Kindle Direct Publishing has this nifty feature that calculates the exchanges for you. Imagine how much trouble I would have had with that if it took me so long to log on to this blog on the laptop. For anyone interested, the link is…long. Searching Amazon’s books for Kamikaze Butterflies should come up with a few selections. Mine is the awesome-looking one, with the blood-splatter butterfly on the front. Wicked. Of course, I could be biased.

By the way, once I do finally finish my Great American Novel, which will probably be in about a year or so, less if I push myself, there will be fewer run-on sentences and babbling. I want to have fun with this blog. Editing is no fun. 😉

So, very long story short, bear with me. I learn best by doing, so I will derp my way along until this all jives.