Small print

I don’t feel quite so bad about my own book having a couple minor typos in it now that I’m reading another book to review for the website.

Now, this book that I’m reading isn’t self-published like mine was. It was published through a publisher–possibly a small publishers, but a publisher nonetheless–and has (theoretically) gone through the editing process and formatting and whatnot. So why are there so many paragraphs without indents, or with indents that are different lengths, or missing commas, or commas that don’t belong there, or… well, there are quite a lot of punctuation and formatting errors, and I’m only two chapters in.

For a book that runs $23, I’d expect much more. (And I haven’t even gotten into the bland sentence structure or terrible analogies.) I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt and save the review for when I’ve read the whole thing, but it’s pretty slow going.

The best part? This is the first book in a series. A series of this.

I’m not including the title of the book because I have to review it proper for the website, but man, this is tough to read. It almost physically hurts to read it. It certainly pains my writer’s brain.

I shouldn’t complain, though. I’m certain that there will be those who read my own book and find multiple faults with it, which would make me quite the hypocrite.

But good Gods, this is hard.