Serial killer: origins

For those who know me (and I believe most who come across this on the Interwebs instead of my Facebook or Twitter don’t), the inspiration from my #WIP is a series of short stories I wrote about 8 years ago. Each one is very short–I’m talking a page or two, no more, with short, choppy sentences–but I’ve decided to share some of them with you here. The main character has evolved since these were written and in the novels will have a different personality, but the character was “born,” so to speak, in these stories.

The stories take place in sequential order, but they were written out of order. The question, then, is this: Do I post them here in the order in which they were written, or the order in which they take place? The answer’s fairly easy, because frankly I don’t remember exactly where in the storyline I started skipping around. (Give me a break; the last one I wrote was 8 years ago, after all.)

So keep an eye out for the first installment! I’ll likely do one a week, and since Friday or Saturday seems like a reasonably easy day to remember, you’ll have to wait until then.

#amwriting #suspense