On Valkyrie Wings

The battle’s won

But death is nigh

Red haze of blood

Obscures my eye

I blink, I wipe

I try to clear

But I can’t see

Only can hear

The beat of wings

The rush of air

The winds, they come

Run through my hair

Through blood-red haze

A light does shine

Glowing over

Me and mine

“Come, brave soul”

She says to me

“Come with me now,

And you’ll be free.”

I raise my hand

I take a breath

I try to think

Of what I’ve left

Of who still stands

Who soldiers on

Of who will grieve

Once I am gone

None come to mind

It’s all a blur

My thoughts, my eyes

Centered on her

Her flaxen hair

Her brilliant light

Her beating wings

That give her flight

Her hand takes mine

She pulls me up

Inside I rise

My body slumps

My soul, it flies

With her as guide

Valhalla blooms

Before my eyes

No longer live

But not quite dead

My eyes now cleared

Of haze of red

Odin beckons

Inside his hall

Urging me in

I heed his call

Gliding forward

I take a seat

I lift my cup

I drink the mead

Thoughts of my life

Fade from the fore

My cup empties

I ask for more

I fear not death

Now that I’m here

I welcome fate

With smiles and cheer