New year, wrong foot.

2019 has barely begun, and already it sucks. I mean, nobody I know has died, no huge catastrophes that I’m aware of, but I woke up this cold and snowy New Year’s Day with a sore throat. As the day wore on, it escalated to a full-blown cold. Coughing, difficulty breathing, and now that I’ve stopped going going going for the day my nose is starting to clog.

The timing sucks. Sure, I still was able to get the Persian pirihan and coat for my husband almost completely finished (the coat still needs the buttons and loops), but I’m suffering.

My plan of attack is to take all the meds I have in my arsenal to combat this, plus some soup and orange juice. Cough drops, generic cough syrup (day and night), and rest when I’m not working.

I really hope work doesn’t end up being an issue. We can’t afford for me to be sick now. Like, literally can’t afford it.

I’ll get over this, just like I always do. I’ll pick myself up, dust myself off, and be hoarse for a couple of weeks. That’s how this usually goes.

But next year, I’m taking zinc or something.