Muses and Murderers – Killer Authors Talk Writing, Music, Movies, TV, and more

Guess what, fellow killers of darlings? Muses and Murderers Podcast is coming back!

We took some time off for life stuff and scheduling issues, but we’ve decided to reformat the show a smidge and let the guests work themselves out when we can. For now, we (author Angelique Jordonna and I) are going to spend an hour every week shooting shit about various writing/entertainment-related topics. Will we stay on-topic? Not likely. Will it be funny at least? We sure hope so!

Season 2, Episode 1 is titled “Sex, Death, and Rock and Roll – Writing the Taboo.” In this episode, Angelique and I discuss, well, writing all the nasty, naughty things that some writers might shy away from putting in their works. Why do some writers include things like sex and death while others avoid it? Is genre a factor? Age range? Should these things be factors? Click on the podcast link above to hear what we decided!

Angelique and I will record at least once a week, and I’ll post the edited recordings on whatever day we record. That’s the plan for now, at least. We’re winging it here, folks–no clue what will happen next!

Actually, I have sort of a clue: Next week, tune in for “Noob Writers and the Publication Industry: WTF Is Happening to My Book??” 😉

If you have a topic you’d like for us to discuss or a question for us, you can message us through this page. (Facebook has this nifty thing where you can embed a Messenger link that connects the website with the Muses and Murderers Facebook page for messages! How cool is that?) One of us will see the message, and we’ll add your topic or question to our queue! 🙂

We’re so glad to be coming back and getting back into the swing of things with the podcast, and we can’t wait to see what topics y’all come up with for us to shoot the shit about!