Monday (Lack of) Motivation

Ah, a Monday morning off. So relaxing.

Except I need to be working on cosplay stuff. I’m so close to being finished with both of our cosplays for Phoenix Comicon. I need to get my ass out of bed and get to working on them, though.

The last few things are pretty simple, just time-consuming. I’m still debating on making a belt for myself versus buying one. It would be pretty cool to be able to say that I made the entire cosplay myself (aside from the lightsaber), but do I really want to make another belt?

I should also be getting ready for my interview with an actor this morning…another rarity lately. It’s an actor that I enjoy, and I get to ask some burning questions about a show I like. Win-win. I have the questions ready and typed up in a Word file (makes transcribing afterwards so much easier), but I’ll need to clear off some space in the craft room for me to take the call. I have to have my laptop there because I don’t want to waste printing a lone sheet of paper just for the call, and the sewing machine is smack dab in the middle of in the way.

Or…I could write some more. Haven’t gotten anything new written in the past few days. I need to step up on that if I’m going to finish the draft by the end of the year like I planned.

I think I’m going to go get an energy drink. Maybe that will get my gears turning.