Life cuts like a knife …. Er, sword

Isn’t that a beaut? Okay, so it’s not super elegant….but it’s mine. I got my first sword a week ago (not counting the loaner I’ve been using the past 6 months) and I like to think that its length gave me the boost I needed to do as well as I did in the rapier tournament last weekend.
Unfortunately, I can’t fight off life with it.
Work still sucks. The OT hours are great for paychecks, not so great for sanity. I’d rather be stabbing my friends. (Dude, I totally need to put that on a T-shirt.) I am just reaching the point of burnout. Sure, I have a three-day weekend coming up, and sure, next month is my first “foreign war” (an event in California), but the little bits of break just don’t seem to be enough. If I didn’t need to save my PTO for events and make money for the house building, I’d request off an afternoon here or there to give myself a few more bits of break. As it is, I’ll have to suck it up and deal with it.
And stab people whenever possible. Because swords.