It’s time for…me?

Perpetual embroidery project? Done.

Upcoming embroidery projects: Due September.

Arts exchange project: Plenty of time.

Arts and Sciences projects: Pretty much done. As done as they’re going to get for now.

I think….I think I get to do stuff I want to do now!

So what’s first on my list now that my list is more open? Revisions! That’s right, I have the first round of edits back from the publisher for my sequel, so that means I need to dive right on in. Time to fix the passive voice, cut the adverbs, and kill those darlings.

Speaking of killing darlings, the upcoming webcast is off to a great start even before we’ve actually started recording. Lol We’ve got authors, actors, and even a producer lined up for when we start production in a couple of months. I’m super excited for that project to pan out, even though it’ll be a little anxiety-inducing at first. My co-host started working on her end last night to book more guests, and I think at an episode a week we’re set for the first few months already! Muses and Murderers should be a lot of fun to do.

I’m looking forward to revising Escape the Light. Most authors hate revisions, and to be honest when you’re in the process it is tedious and annoying. How do I fix these issues and still keep the voice I was trying to convey? But the finished product, when it’s all said and done, is the goal, so best to power through the revisions and get them done ASAP so the book can shine.

Speaking of which, this will be a short post today as I have to get cracking. A lot to do this weekend, but if I bring my laptop with I should be able to get some revising done here and there.