In demand and working hard

I know this blog has been quiet for a while, but I’ve got a nine minute window before I have to clock in for a busy day, so let’s see how much I can tell you….

Life has been hectic. Long work hours, lots of embroidery commissions on my plate, an event last weekend, and a period of three days where I accumulated about seven hours of sleep–total.

Last night I slept well, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. I’m almost done with the picture embroidery on a Viking hood I’m making for someone, so soon I’ll just need to sew it together and do some seam treatments (which should go fairly quickly). After that, I have a larger project for a friend’s elevation, and after that I have a couple of quick embroidery projects, and–if I can get time–a couple MORE things for myself and my husband.

I’m trying to limit the number of commissions I take on, but the elevation piece was something I couldn’t pass up. After Estrella War, though, I plan on taking a break from commissions and focusing on work for my husband and myself. It looks really silly when I’m known across the kingdom for my embroidery, yet none of my garb is enbroidered!

That’s all I have time for right now! I’ll try to find time to post in more detail later.