Harried Holidays

Damn. Just damn. I’ve had embroidery commissions, writing projects, marketing for the writing projects, SCA events, work….a whole bunch of crap. And the holidays are in full swing.

I’m still going strong, but it’s getting to me a little bit. I have a light week at work next week, so that gives me a touch of breathing room… but it’s not quite enough.

I’m hoping that catching up on a few things helps, but we’ll see. I’m not, like, in the mental health danger zone when it comes to this stuff, but you never know. Sometimes I think I’m ok, and sometimes I think wrong.

A trip out of town has hampered me a little today, but tomorrow I’ll have pretty much all day to get some things done. But I also just remembered two more things that I need to do tomorrow…..*sigh.*

I’m trying to slow down. I’m trying to make my list of to-dos more manageable, but I keep compartmentalizing and forgetting that I need to consider all the aspects of my life when I’m considering my limitations on my time and energy.

I’ll let the hang of it…some day.

Probably not today, but some day.