Christmas in Quarantine

It’s Christmas day, and in all my 41 Christmases this will be the first where it’s just me and my husband the entire day. Oh, sure, Mom, Dad, and my siblings will come up to the back porch to get their presents, and they’ll bring some dinner by for us to eat, but no coming inside.

Not until our COVID tests come back, that is.

Yep. Hubs wasn’t feeling well, so he got tested. I got tested because I had some sinus congestion (turns out I have a sinus infection that I thought was just allergies). We have a day or two on his test results, two to four on mine. Fun.

I hope we’re both negative, of course, and I hope we get our results in time for me to go back to work Tuesday. Until then, however, it’s homeward bound for me.

I’ve slowly been playing catch-up on Hell’s Hunters, but it’s not going as smoothly as I’d hoped. Still, this weekend I should be able to get more written and whittle away at that word count goal of mine. My hope is that I finish the manuscript and the initial revision/edits by the middle of January.

At least I have the internet to communicate with those I can’t see in person. It sucks that I can’t leave the house to visit anyone, but them’s the breaks during a pandemic, I guess.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well, and I hope your Christmas is a normalized as possible during this time.