Chatty Cathy

So, as a writer, I tend to babble on about writing to anyone who will listen.

This sometimes results in me being really annoying…other times, it results in comedy gold.

Let me back up a bit. I was chatting with a friend online this morning, and she asked how my morning was going. Naturally, I answered with a brief description of what I’d written so far in my work in progress…and this was the resulting synopsis:

Eloquence at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

I swear, in the context of the story, it makes sense.

It’s funny how different contexts and different venues of communication–say, chat versus narrative–take on different forms. I write in chat differently than I write in story, I write here in this blog differently than I write in either of those, etc. Communication is a strange beast indeed.

I suppose, as an author, I should consider using more professional grammar and syntax in my messages, but really, do my friends and relatives need to read chats that read like novels? Conversely, do my readers want to read novels that read like chats? Well, that one depends more on point of view, but I digress. Each avenue of writing has its own purpose, so I think it’s reasonable to treat each as a separate form of communication. Yes, it’s all writing, but a good writer can convey the same thought in multiple ways, with various depths of description and emotion.

Obviously, the chapters I described above are not that cut-and-dried. They’re not that cheesy (at least I hope not), and they’re not that outrageous. Within the context, it all fits.

I’ll figure out where “somewhere” is and what “stuff” is going to be done later… Today, I have housework and chores and general adulting to get to. Besides, I’ve spent several hours on writing already today, and I don’t want to obsess and spend all my time on one thing.