Busy Weekend Ahead

Well, it’s another busy weekend planned. I say planned, because I never know if I’ll have the energy on a Sunday to get much accomplished.

Saturday is our anniversary “celebration.” We’re going out of town and spending the day together, which will be nice. Sunday I have a few things planned for how to spend the day: I want to finish the last couple of pieces for my husband’s cosplay, I want to organize some in our closets, and I want to write. Still haven’t hit 19k (let alone the 20k I wanted to be at), but I’m also at a point where it’s fresh material and no longer revision so that might make it go faster.

My problem is that Sunday is my “nothing I 100% have to do” day. It’s my rest day, my day to myself while the hubby is working.

Still, I need to get at least one closet organized. I have to figure out which clothes I wear and which I don’t, which I will and which I won’t, which to keep for special occasions, etc. I have piles and piles of clothes that don’t fit in my two dresser drawers, so something has to be done. It looks like a train wreck in there.

Gotta also get motivation to exercise. I totally didn’t do any this morning. I’m such a lazy butt 🙁