Damnit, just when I get into a groove–and get into writing some groovy action–the empty room I had parked myself in gets some more occupants.

I’m at a meeting for our prospective SCA household. Normally having other people in the room doesn’t distract me from my writing, but when I’m writing, er, “sensitive material,” I can’t concentrate.

Oh well. I’ll get back to it when we’re headed home. I should make myself useful to the household by helping string event tokens or something…But damnit, the book is calling me. I’m in The Zone, and I don’t know if The Zone will still be around later tonight. If it’s not it’s not, but I guess I’ll have to tell the Muse to slow her roll and give me some “me time.”

I’m hopeful that Book 2 will be ready for submission in the next couple of weeks. I have until the beginning of November, so I only have a few weeks anyway, but I’d rather be done early than late. That, and I want to get the wheels moving on Book 2. So far, from the feedback I’ve received, people are wanting to know what happens next. I’m wanting to tell them what happens next–so to submissions I will go.

Aww, crap. That reminds me: I have to write the outline. And synopsis. And the dreaded query letter. Better dust off the ones for Abnormal to refresh my memory on how to do all that. Lol

Book 3 is on standby for now. I got a little bit of a start, but it was a rocky one. Better to let Book 2 take control until it’s done; that way, when I dive back into Book 3 I have fewer changes to make.

It’s 26 days until Tucson Comic Con. Twenty-six days until I’m in the spotlight–or at least as in-the-spotlight as I’ll get tucked away in Artist’s Alley. Booth AA147, in case you were wondering. November 2-4. Be there!