Annual avoidance

It’s that time of year again…and again, and again, and again. I’ve overdue for a basic physical (by oh, say, 5-10 years or so…maybe 20…when did I last do it?). It’s not that I’m averse to going to the doctor necessarily; I just don’t see the point in going when I’m not sick. Or when I have a minor cold. Who goes to the doctor for a cold for crying out loud? Well, I guess me–when that cold turns into bronchitis.
About a year ago a little nagging cough rocketed into bronchitis within about a day. Thanks to whoever at Dragon Con 2016 it was that decided to come to the con sick. I appreciate it. Jerk.
I’m getting to that age when I can’t really keep putting these kinds of appointments off. I should’ve started getting my boobies squished every year or two about three years ago, but I just hate scheduling that kind of thing. I’ve got to arrange to be off work, because of course most places are only open during “office hours,” which means they’re usually closed until after I start work and close before I leave.
Speaking of being sick, I’m kind of sick of the people at work who are constantly calling out. They need to get to the doctor. Get some preventative medicine going. Or get their kids in to the doctor more often. Or see an exorcist. I’m just saying.
You can tell the ones who are truly sick, the ones who, like me, only call out when they just absolutely can’t make it. There’s a level of respect there when you see someone pushing through the work day when they feel like shit, or when they know their kid feels like shit. Those people are the dedicated ones. They understand the strain put on the company and their coworkers when they skip out on work.
Me? Yeah, remember that bronchitis I mentioned? I kinda came in to work anyway, despite knowing I was sick as shit. I got sent home within an hour or two. Hell, I was walking on a broken foot for two weeks before I even went to a doctor about the pain. Granted, I didn’t know it was broken–I thought it was just a strain or sprain of some sort–but the point is, I didn’t wuss out and take a day off until I almost literally could not walk anymore…and even then I waited for a day when I was scheduled as a trainee. Basically, I was nonessential personnel, so I knew they wouldn’t be scrambling to find a replacement.
Let’s see, I had a point somewhere in here…Oh yeah…Annual physicals and routine testing. Get it done. It may seem like some random insurance shtick aimed at squeezing more money out of you, but it’s actually kind of important. Like, catch-it-before-it-becomes-cancer-or-something important. Don’t let your work schedule stop you, either. If you need to take a day or half day or couple of hours off, get that checkup in. Get your boobies squished, have that embarrassing pelvic exam (guys, you need routine shit too–don’t think you’re getting out of this one). Just get it done.
And don’t let a minor cold turn into bronchitis just because you’re stubborn. You’ll just make shit worse and end up missing even more work because of it.