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In the future, being Abnormal is a crime punishable by death. Join Gia, Clare, and Kylie as they navigate this treacherous world filled with lies and deceit. Classes war in this dystopian sci-fi series filled with love and hate, lust and loathing, honor and betrayal.

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For Sniper Gia Corran, entry into the prestigious Gene Squad Academy is a dream come true. She throws herself into her training, but little does she know that her first mission will test her in more ways than one.

Can Gia handle learning the truth, or will it tear her apart?

“I didn’t mean to kill them.”

In Heaven’s Light, the difference between a genetic Gift and an Abnormality is determined by the number of credits in your parent’s bank account. Gifts are reserved for the wealthy, and Abnormals are terminated—in the parent’s best interest, of course. Clare Rhodes is used to life under the radar. She uses her abnormality on a stranger at the club and finds an oil-slick of nightmares. The horrific visions invade her mind as she slips deeper… Knives. Fists. Fire. He knows more about her than anyone should. He even knows her Norm-ID is a fake.

She didn’t mean to kill him. On the run and off the grid are Clare’s only options.

Too bad she’s being tracked…

Nine months after her capture, Clare Rhoades remains a prisoner of Head Councilman Ezekiel Howard, hidden away in a secret room in his penthouse at the Council Tower in Heaven’s Light. Loneliness and despair threaten to consume Clare, and if not for a strong telepathic bond with the daughter in her womb, she might well go mad from the silence brought on by the PsyBlock in her brain.

            Once her daughter is born, Ezekiel rips her out of Clare’s arms and puts his dastardly plan into motion. Within weeks she’s pregnant again, though this bond is tainted, marred by Ezekiel’s oily influence.

            Clare has one chance to save the child growing within her: She must escape Heaven’s Light and seek out the safety of the Dead Cities before Ezekiel’s corruption becomes permanent. Little does she know, however, that other plots have been hatched. Ezekiel’s not the only threat to Clare and the Abnormals, and an enemy even more sinister waits in the shadows to assume control and rise to power.

Sometimes, taking a chance is the best call to make

Abnormal Telepath Kylie has spent enough time in the field to know when to take risks and when to back off, but the biggest risk of all is about to pay off in a big way. Sam, a Gifted Athlete, has intel to offer the Abnormals, but he’ll only deliver it on one condition: Kylie and her two Abnormal lovers have to take it in an intimate ceremony.

Will Sam turn them over to the Gifted Squads, or will this encounter be the stroke of luck the Abnormals need to turn the tides of war?

This novella takes place after the events of Escaping the Light

A girl, her three lovers, and a mystery weapon set to self-destruct … What could go wrong?

When Abnormal Telepath Kylie Martin and her three male companions steal a dangerous weapon from the Gifted Squads to discover its secrets, it’s a race against time to unlock the device before the self-destruct goes off and the data is lost forever.

Will she and her lovers complete their mission before the Witching Hour strikes?

This is an intense reverse harem novella with multiple love interests where Kylie does not have to choose.

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