Whispers of Death

Whispers of Death is the Amazon bestselling debut novel by AJ Mullican.

Sera Miller has woken up straddling a corpse more times than she can count. During her blackouts she leaves a mounting trail of mutilated, dismembered bodies in her wake. Inventing an alter ego to cope with the destruction she causes, Sera struggles with the knowledge that any tryst she engages in will ultimately end in her date’s gruesome death. It doesn’t help that men constantly seek her out; her inhuman charm and beauty draw them to her no matter how hard she tries to avoid it.

Sera is perplexed to learn that the FBI is seeking two individuals in the serial murders. Does she have a stalker, or is her alter ego working with someone? It’s as much a mystery to her as it is to the authorities. Complicating matters further, Sera’s best friend and roommate begins dating FBI agent Jeff Robertson, who suspects something supernatural at work in the killings.

Can Sera stop her inner killer before the FBI closes in, or will her demons take over?

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