Useful mania

I got crazy manic for a couple of hours this morning, but I actually put it to good use.

With tons of energy built up inside me, I decided to organize my fabric scraps. Which, incidentally turned out to be more than I thought I’d had. Everything except the two pairs of “fat pants” I cut up has now been neatly folded, sorted, and bagged in ziploc baggies. (Well, maybe not quite neatly folded.) I threw out some of the torn recycled gift bags and grocery store bags and who-knows-where-they-came-from bags, as well as all the scraps I deemed too small to be useful, which wasn’t much because I’m a notorious hoarder.

Unfortunately, that couple of hours has wiped me out. I’m going to make some mac’n’cheese and then probably crash or read or tool around on Facebook and Pinterest until I get some energy back.