Unconventional Family

It may not be a traditional family–y’know, the mom, dad, 2.5 kids, with the house in suburbia, white picket fence, all that jazz–but it’s my family.

As I was working on an album review for Talk Nerdy With Us ( www.talknerdywithus.com ), my husband was lying next to me napping and our cat, Rory, was sleeping at my feet. With the way I was sitting with the laptop and the way the both of them were sleeping, we made almost the perfect little circle on the bed. It was cute and quite poetic (but I was busy working, so whatever poetry came to mind quickly slipped away as I got swept up in the lyrics I was listening to), and I got to thinking….

Ok, so we don’t have kids–and never will–and we live in a smallish apartment in a very small town. Still, I’m living the dream. My dream. I have my husband, we have our Rory, we have a home, and we’re living comfortably. And that’s all we need.

The three of us, together in our little circle.