The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating

The Good: I’m a chapter and a half away from finishing my latest WIP (maybe even a day or two before my 3rd self-imposed deadline!)…and I couldn’t be more relieved that things are turning out. I somehow wrote myself out of the mess I’d gotten myself (and my characters) into, and now it’s just a matter of tying things up and setting it aside to simmer before I go back and edit/revise before sending it to my official editor (good ol’ Mom) before MORE edits and revisions.

The Bad: Work is about to explode in the worst way, with one manager leaving and the new manager who’s taking over being gone for over two months–leaving me in charge during that time.

The Frustrating: When I found out about the outgoing manager’s departure, it was kind of a slap in the face, because unlike last time the position became available, I was given no opportunity to apply or interview for it. None. Zero. Passed right on over, do not pass Go, do not collect any career advancement, straight on to your normal daily life. Except for the taking over for the incoming manager’s maternity leave.

That part wouldn’t be so bad, except I was reassured multiple times that it would be a three week deal. I thought that sounded odd for maternity leave, but I don’t have kids, so what do I know? Then, after turning in a request for time off for a few days for my husband’s birthday and repeatedly checking the schedule to see if it had been approved, I discovered the actual duration of the maternity leave…which plows straight through hubby’s October birthday all the way until after Thanksgiving.

Couldn’t someone have said something when I turned in the request? Y’know, something along the lines of “Hey, I’m sorry, but you’ve got to be the supervisor during that time. We just can’t spare you.” That would’ve been better than the “Uh-huh” and blank stare that I received when I turned in my request. (I might mention that I turned in the request twice, but the first request I guess got lost or something? I don’t know; I know I filled it out and put it on the current manager’s desk a couple weeks ago, and I know I never was given anything stating that it was declined, but again, the days off were never put in the schedule…hence the re-request.)

I just don’t get it. Why drop the bombshell that I’ll be in charge but not be promoted, spend all that time reassuring me that I’ll have people around to help out when I am in charge for those three weeks, only to extend my time at the helm without saying anything and deny my request for time off without a word?

I’m trying to hold things together. Keep my wits about me, keep my emotions as level as possible. It’s going to be a tenuous two months, that’s for sure. Some days I’ve been barely holding on as-is, before all the changes. Now? Now I won’t have the “luxury” of calling out if my anxiety is through the roof and out of control. I’ll have to buck up and go on in. No mental health days for me. No chance for a breather. And no telling what other changes await when I go in today. Monday. The week after.

I’ll survive it–I think. But it’s going to be rough.