The choices we make

Ever wonder what would have happened if you’d chosen a different major in college? Taken a different job offer? Gone out with a different person?

I have moments like that. I’ll be sitting there, minding my own business, when suddenly the past surges up to show me all the places where my path could have turned in another direction solely based on simple choices I’ve made. What if I hadn’t chosen marketing for my first major in college? What if I had stayed with it instead of changing to art a year in? What if I had stayed with that instead of dropping out for a year? What if I hadn’t gone to community college for medical transcription? What if I hadn’t moved back in with my parents after my first apartment lease was up? What if I hadn’t moved into that first apartment?

There are an infinite number of “what ifs” in life, an infinite number of places where one choice could change the course of your life.

So what “what if” would I change if I could? None. I wouldn’t change anything.

Is my life perfect? Of course not. No one’s is. But my choices have brought me to the place I am now. I have a good job, a great husband, and a nice home. The ride here wasn’t always smooth, but I wouldn’t exchange a single bump for anything.

So make your choices and live with them. You can’t know until after the choice is made if it’s the right one, so don’t worry too much about it. Your choices may not take you directly to where you want to be, but they’ll take you to where you need to go.