The blackest of days

Ok, so maybe Black Friday (and the new Black Thursday last night) wasn’t so bad.

As a former retail worker, I have a sort of retail PTSD when it comes to Black Friday. It was the one day a year I specifically requested the opening shift. You get in at like 0500 (probably even earlier for some people), so you’re not even really awake–just on autopilot. Then by the time your body is conscious it’s time to go. I have vague memories of rude, pushy customers who would almost literally kill for whatever sale is on. The worst side of humanity.

For almost a decade (after escaping from retail), I refused to shop on Black Friday. I even swore a solemn oath that I would never work retail during the holiday season again.

Unfortunately, four years ago necessity dictated that I break my vow and work retail once again, that being the only job I could get after moving across the country. Then, people were just as unbearable as I remembered.

A few months later, I got my current job and fled the department store. Last night was my first Black Thursday ever as a consumer and today was my first Black Friday shopping day in memory.

Maybe it was the places we went, or maybe people actually aren’t bat-s*** crazy anymore, but about 90% of the shoppers we encountered were patient and courteous. A Thanksgiving miracle.

Faith in humanity restored? Maybe not just yet. But the hope is there.