Spreading my Netwings

Added to my G+ account so I have another place to pseudoflood the Interwebs with writing and art stuff. I’m afraid I might be OVERflooding the Net, but I am stupid when it comes to marketing. Ironic, because my first year of college was as a marketing major, but I assure you: in the freshman marketing courses at UAH from 1997-1998, you didn’t learn much actual marketing stuff.

I’m making an effort, though. I’ll learn eventually. It’s just a little frustrating that so many of my friends seem to like what I’m doing but so few are willing to invest a few dollars to at least look at it.

I’m not meaning to guilt trip here. Just an impatient person. I should consider myself blessed just to have one project completed. (I’m not counting the audio recording part of the poetry book because that wasn’t even initially part of the goal.)

I have to stay positive. I’m not going to be famous overnight. I might never be famous. I might never even make $100 from this. But I’ve done one thing I thought I’d never do.