At work, I have learned/remembered enough Spanish (thank you, high school and college Spanish teachers whose names I no longer remember) to be able to make it through an eye exam, give discharge instructions for cataract surgery, and explain that it’s been many, many years since I studied Spanish.

Last night I found out about a new Facebook group–an offshoot of the Fiction Writers Group that I’m already part of–for Spanish authors. That’s when it hit me: Here is the perfect opportunity to learn more.

So yep, I joined the Spanish version of the Fiction Writers Group. Not because I write in Spanish, but because I want to learn better Spanish.

As I read the posts I’m finding that I already know more than I thought I did, but then again reading Spanish and translating into English has always been easier for me than speaking and translating the other way around. Still, I can pick up new words and learn better grammar, which I need.

I am such a dork.