Softly into the night

Or early morning. Anyone else get these early a.m. wakings? I try (without much success) to avoid them, but sleep is so hard to come by lately.

Sometimes I’m hungry. Sometimes I’m too cold. Sometimes I’m too hot. Sometimes I hurt. Sometimes I just wake up for no effing reason.

This morning’s wake up was brought by cold, hunger, and pain. I have a long day ahead of me.

My psychiatrist has been trying to find a solution, but so far nothing has worked adequately. Frustrating as all get-out. I see him again in a week, but I’m worried he’s going to refer me to a sleep specialist. Yet another copay. Joy.

Oh yeah, this morning’s waking was also brought on by a metric ton of mucus. If it turns out to be related to the mold in the leaky wall of our apartment there will be hell to pay. Or at the least I’ll be very cross.