Serial Kindergartener

It is my first day of kindergarten

The school board didn’t want me

Because of what happened

In preschool

Little girls shouldn’t behave that way

It wasn’t entirely my fault

“Safety scissors” is a misnomer, after all

Besides, I’m sure the little boy

Will recover completely

With some therapy

And plastic surgery

My reputation must precede me

For the other students shrink and recoil

As I walk by

I note that the teacher

Asks all students

To hand in their scissors

All of them locked in her desk

With the key around her neck

This should be a fun year

They even confiscate my crayon sharpener

Apparently a burnt sienna in the wrong hands

–In my hands–

Is too dangerous

For five-year-olds

They are even cautious

When I take out my markers

As though one whiff

Would send me on a spree

Give me some credit, people

I like to be completely lucid

While I work

Sniffing or drugs of any kind

Would only dampen the experience

This makes me grateful for my youth

Not quite old enough

To be force-fed psychotropics

For now I am left to my own designs

Using my blunt red crayon

To draw blood in my coloring book