Serial Killer V

Serial Killer V: Trial by Jury

If it weren’t for these cuffs

They would all be dead

How dare they touch my things

My precious polaroids

The trinkets I saved

A beautiful collection

Reduced to exhibits 1A-10Z

Mixed in are “crime” scene photos

Was it really a crime

To follow my true nature?

A lion is not penalized

For stalking and killing her prey

IN this orange jumpsuit I sit

Fury built up inside

An intense hatred

For the twelve weaklings in the box

They cringe and gasp at the pictures

One even vomits

The whole courtroom was stunned

When I laughed at the retching

A psychologist takes the stand

I spoke with him earlier

Answered his condescending questions

“Why did you do it?”

“What were you thinking

“when you wielded the knife?”

He rattles on about psychosis

And schizophrenia

But I don’t hear voices

I don’t see things

I cry out at his diagnosis

And tell him

That I will rend his limbs from his body

The judges says something about order

I am restrained by two officers

If I only could reach a little farther

My fingers almost touch

The officer’s gun