Serial Killer: School Days

Kindergarten went so well
That they moved me to a “special” school
Where my kind are given
“Special” attention
No scissors of any kind are allowed
Nor anything that could be used for stabbing
Instead of pens
We write with thick markers
Or hunks of chalk on the chalkboard
After a few assignments
I am taken out of the art program
When my drawings
My beautiful drawings
Make a teacher ill
Years pass
Several subjects become forbidden:
(I played too rough with the boys);
Creative writing
(My vocabulary
Though advanced for my age
Proved too graphic for the classroom)
They never even tried me in home ec
(I overheard the principal
Speaking with my mother
About knives and ovens)
Nor was shop class allowed
(Now why wouldn’t they want me
Using saws and hammers and things?)
No amount of classroom censorship
Could prevent me from learning on my own
Through the years I practiced
At first the boys were afraid
Not of me, but of the dreaded “cooties”
But as the years went on they learned
To fear all of me
My smile
My laugh
My eight-inch serrated knife
My parents moved a lot
Every time the number of missing boys escalated
We moved to another state
Though there was never any news report
Indicating that they sought for a suspect
A young schoolgirl