Serial Killer (late edition–sorry!)

Here is the original short that inspired the madness that b will eventually be my novel. Enjoy!

Serial killer

I carefully gather my things
All neatly tucked into a bag
I get in my car and begin to drive
Then I see it – my prey
All alone, walking down the street
I drive ahead and park
Begin walking towards the prey
Pretending that I am simply on a stroll
I keep my head down, innocuous
“Accidentally” bump into my prey
Apologize, strike up a conversation
Get the prey nice and relaxed
“Would you like a ride?
“I was just about to turn around
“And get my car”
“Sure” says the prey
I smile sweetly and lead it ahead
To the last car it will ever ride in
Once inside, chloroform subdues
I drive to my safehouse
Tie up the prey
Wait for it to awaken
And begin the sweet, sweet torture
A gag prevents neighbors from hearing
But eyes are left uncovered
So I can see the luscious fear
I take my time, creating a work of art
Blood and gore all over
Finally my prey lies still
I go to work rending the limbs from the body
So much easier to dispose of
Carry the heavy bag to the woods
Woods full of carnivores and scavengers
All the while taking pictures, mementos
Polaroids that will stay with me forever
I smile as I drive back and think:
“He never saw it coming…..
“And they say a woman can’t do everything a man can do”