Prepared or Paranoid?

The debate rages on: How much of the current healthcare hysteria is warranted, and how much is being blown out of proportion?

Personally? I’m more worried about the overreactions of the “common man” than I am about the disease. Hoarding is destroying the supply/demand ratio, and people are freaking the fuck out. At this point, I don’t even care about whether I get sick or not; I just don’t want to be a casualty of the idiocy of the masses.

I’m not calling everyone an idiot. Just, y’know, large groups of people. Large groups of panicked, irrational people. People who watch too much “reality” TV, people who watch too many disaster movies, people who watch the Goddamn news too much. People who feed off of each other’s fear.

It’s not just the mass idiocy. There’s also another section of people–the people who cultivate the fear. Who take advantage of the panic. Who use the crisis as a weapon, a means of achieving their desired ends.

Me? I’m not in the first or the second category. I’m in some grey area in-between. I’m concerned more about the disruption of normal life than anything. It sounds callous and uncaring, I know, but it’s not like I think I’m immune or something. I mean, I have an autoimmune condition, which automatically puts me at higher risk. So…why am I not worried about getting sick?

I don’t really know. I just know that the panic that has seized a large majority of my friends and family just isn’t in me right now. Will I panic if I get sick? Hopefully I won’t have to find out.

Will I panic if society collapses? Maybe. But maybe I’ll just be pissed off.