Nowhere, North Carolina

Nowhere, North Carolina, home of a massive underlying nexus of ley lines and a slew of creatures that go bump in the night. Nowhere is home to wolf shifters, excommunicated fae, witches, and demons. What could go wrong in a peaceful small town like that?

The story of Nowhere starts in the Bargains Struck trilogy, with a trio of Nowhere citizens that get caught up in some supernatural dealings.

In this trio of standalone stories, Cherry, Molli, and Elena each have different reasons for making pacts with unnatural beings–and each learns that you don’t have to choose when it comes to love. All three stories are now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

Cherry Duvall’s had a rough week.

After escaping an abusive, controlling ex with her jugular barely intact, Cherry finds out Eric’s skipped bail—and he’s out for her blood. Cherry jumps on her motorcycle, and it’s through the woods to grandmother’s house she goes in an attempt to get out of town while the getting’s good.

Too bad Eric beat her there. Cherry’s too late to save her granny, and things get hairy when Eric threatens her with his knife.

Things get even hairier when five larger-than-life wolves appear in her granny’s cabin to battle Cherry’s attacker.

Dive into a world of sexy shifters and pack dynamics in this steamy reverse harem romp!

Molli Brighton’s backpacking trip to Ireland has turned into a soggy mess.

With no cash, no idea where she’s going, and no one to call, Molli resorts to eating wild berries in the woods to stave off starvation.

Little does she know the deal she’s just made by eating a fae food offering…

Enter a realm of magic and intrigue as Molli discovers a soul binding centuries in the making—and encounters the wrath of a faerie Queen in the process.

Molli may have to face the Queen, but she definitely won’t have to choose in this otherworldly reverse harem novel.

Elena Galley’s no stranger to the seedy underbelly of the mystic arts. As a ninth-generation carnal witch, Elena knows the ins and outs of magical dealings better than most of her peers, so when her family is murdered and her sister kidnapped during an attack by a rival coven, she knows exactly where to go to seek out her vengeance…straight to Hell.

The demon Asmodeus’s incubus minions welcome Elena with open arms. They know the stakes, and they know she needs the power of more than just one coupling if she’s to gather enough strength to take on her opponents. Elena must sign an infernal contract to seal the deal, but with nothing left to lose, she lays it all on the line—including her heart—in a last-ditch effort to destroy her enemies and save her sister.

All she has to do is redeem four hell-spawned incubi … and herself.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in this devilishly good reverse harem novel.

Now that the bargains have been struck, trouble of a different sort has come to Nowhere.

The phrase “Hell on Earth” has many meanings to many different people.

To the citizens of the small town of Nowhere, North Carolina, it’s about to take on a more literal interpretation.

Enter Asmodeus, the demon Prince of Lust. Since one of His children discovered a way for demons to infiltrate the earthly plane, Lucifer and the other Princes of Hell have charged Him with preventing such an uprising. Not one to dirty His own hands—and not knowing who to trust—Asmodeus seeks out the mother of His grandson for aid.

She agrees to help out her pseudo Father-in-law on one condition: Find her some reinforcements. Since Nowhere’s a nexus town, rife with metaphysical ley lines and magical nodes, Asmodeus has no trouble finding a few helping hands.

A wolf shifter pack to sniff out demonic magic and protect His grandson.

A young woman and her excommunicated fae lovers to study, dissect, and counter the dangerous magics being used to facilitate the demonic migration.

And of course, Asmodeus’s own sons and daughter-in-law, who helped stop the initial incursion from His rebellious daughter.

Together, these three groups must face off against possessed humans, demon sympathizers, hellhounds, and more in this paranormal reverse harem trilogy about love, lust, and the fate of the human race.

Cherry Hunter thought life as a newly-changed wolf shifter with five hot shifter brothers as her mates was complicated enough. Little did she know what would be in store for her when the tall, dark-skinned stranger entered the bar where she worked.

Now, with a demon Prince’s pleas ringing in her ears, she has to convince her mates to take up the cause and help stop a literal Hell on Earth from coming.

The Hunters thought they were the biggest predators in Nowhere, but they’re about to find out that there are bigger, more dangerous monsters lurking in the tiny nexus town.

This paranormal reverse harem novel is intended for mature audiences.

Life after her return from Ireland has been rough for Molli Brighton. With no marketable skills of her own, no degree, and no job training, Molli and her three ex-fae lovers struggle to make ends meet.

To Molli’s surprise, though, one day a tall, exotic stranger knocks on her door with an offer:

Help my daughter-in-law save the Earth, and I’ll give your boyfriends their magic back.

It’s an offer that Molli can’t afford to refuse, though how she can help stop a demonic apocalypse is a mystery.

Join Molli, Kalen, Oren, and Finn as they try to work out a solution to the demonic invasion in this second installment of the Hell on Earth paranormal reverse harem trilogy.

Elena Galley: sister, lover, witch, and now mother.

One might think that with four incubi lovers to lend a hand, new motherhood might be a breeze. With two imprisoned and one missing, though, it makes things more difficult. Add in the fact that Satan Himself has possessed her son, and Lena’s got a lot to handle.

She’s got some help, courtesy of Asmodeus, her demon Prince of a Father-in-law, but even that help comes with its own brand of unique headaches.

Can Elena and her crew of supernatural beings put an end to the rising demon apocalypse?

Can they stop Hell on Earth?

This third installment of the Hell on Earth trilogy is a paranormal reverse harem romance with adult scenes and situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

COMING SOON! This year, introducing a M/M romance set in Nowhere, NC!

Look for A Hunter Hunted in the upcoming Fated and Claimed box set!