Monday, Monday

Well, I’m back in the swing of things this morning. The lazy weekend has passed, and I’ve gotten two critiques and a sketch done this morning. Granted, it’s not the best sketch ever, but for my tremors & my lack of a ruler, I’d say it turned out pretty good.

TARDIS sketch

For those not in the loop, it’s a TARDIS. Watch Doctor Who. There’s almost 50 years of material to choose from, though I’m one of those hipster nerds who only likes the new series. (That’s Doctors 9-12, in case you were wondering–not counting the War Doctor). Eleven is my favorite Doctor (Matt Smith’s portrayal is amazing, and his character development throughout his stint as the Doctor is flawless), and his adventures with the Pond family–which is a whole new level of complicated–are my favorites as well.

Anywho, productive morning, confident of a productive work day, and tomorrow it’s my birthday 🙂