Mind blown

So I had never considered myself much of an article or review writer before. Sure, I wrote a review of that amazing dinner I had at Texas Roadhouse a couple months ago, but I had never thought about doing it on a regular basis.

Well, you are now looking at the blog of a contributing writer for Talk Nerdy With Us, an online blog magazine about movies, music, books, and television. 🙂

A friend of mine found the job (for himself) through Craigslist, and when they mentioned they were looking for writers on the West coast, he asked them if the Southwest was good enough. Some emails were exchanged, and the rest is history. I turned in my first article, a review of an album (way outside my comfort zone, considering I’m not the most musical of people) last night, and it has been posted to the site.

It’s not a paid job, but it gets my name out there and also helps with my writing. The more I write, the more I improve, even if it’s just one or two articles/reviews a week. Bonus: I can use it on resumes and author bios. 🙂