Making a list

Okay. Estrella War is over. I’ve had time to get settled back in to work, to somewhat sort the house, and to breathe after the marathon embroidery sessions leading up to War.

Now? Now, I have to get ready to dive back into projects. Just because War is done doesn’t mean I don’t still have shit to do. It’s just different shit.

Aside from one workshop I’m teaching next month and one not-urgent commission, the next couple of months are just for me and my husband, at least as far as crafting and art projects go. I still have writing to do, as always, along with the usual day job and housework stuff, but for projects, it’s all for us. A little bit of a break from the norm to be selfish.

I want to make some new garb, because mine is almost entirely too big. That’s a good thing, in a way, because it means the keto diet’s still kicking ass, but it’s also a pain because I have to either take everything in or start fresh. I was planning some new garb anyway, but this is going to be on a whole new level.

Some stuff needs mending. Some stuff needs to be trashed or repurposed. Some fabric needs to be washed. The WHOLE craft room needs to be cleaned.

I have to take stock of what I have that still fits that needs embellishment, because part of these selfish-time projects is to embroider some of my own garb.

Then there’s the writing I need to tackle. I have to get past the muck that is Book 3’s current state and get the draft finished! I want to be able to submit a polished draft to the publisher later this year, hopefully at or near when Book 2 is released, but at the rate I’m going it’s not likely. I am having to wrench this draft out from my head with rusty pliers, and it’s got me a little worried. It’s not that I don’t know what needs to happen–I can’t seem to find the words to make it happen.

The list so far:

-Assess garb situation

-Find embroidery patterns to put on existing salvageable garb

-Make new garb

-Mend/take in old garb

-Do the one commission I have

-Get together materials for teaching the workshop next month

-Bang out Book 3’s draft!!!

-Get rolling on Book 2 pre-marketing

-Continue work on currently-released box sets

-Draft more stuff!

-Somehow fit in day job and “real life”

-Try to stay sane through it all

It’s a long list (and I’m sure I’m forgetting some very important things), but one I hope to tick off quickly. I can do all the above things; it’s just a matter of prioritizing, finding the right times for the various projects, and knuckling down. Then, once the dust settles, I can take on commissions again. Get my art back out there. Make people happy.

Oh, and start on Book 4….