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A strong woman with her own personal harem. A hopeless romantic who’s been wrongly committed. A girl who just can’t win.

AJ’s romances cross a wide spectrum of subgenres, but there’s one common thread among them: happy ever after. Whether it’s a sci-fi/paranormal reverse harem romance with lots of action (take that as you will 😉 ), a modern-day paranormal asylum romance, or a contemporary rom-com that will leave you in stitches, her stories range from the spectacular to the supernatural and from serious to silly. The three above box sets are available for order or preorder on Amazon. Click here to go to AJ’s Amazon links page!

Kylie Martin’s having one of those days. The mission to retrieve the mystery weapon from the hands of the Gifted army was a success, but when her lover Hal informs her that there’s an active self-destruct on the device–set to go off at 3 a.m. on All Hallow’s Eve, coincidentally Kylie’s birthday–she has to scramble to get the self-destruct deactivated before it’s too late to reveal the weapon’s secrets. With Hal and her other two loves, Sam and Vinnie, Kylie embarks on a dangerous mission with plenty of heat. Will she get the self destruct deactivated on time, or will it all be over at the stroke of three?

Alice is sick of the dating scene. Men only want one thing, anyway–well, make that two things. She’s desperate to do something to fend off unwanted advances, but her drunken solution starts her on an unexpected journey that begins and ends in a tattoo parlor.

Listen below for a special playlist/soundtrack for SKIN DEEP!

SKIN DEEP playlist

Look for Conjuring Asylum, inside the limited edition Hexes and Handcuffs box set!

Siren Smith has been a resident of Palmore’s Home for Wayward Mages for her entire adult life, but as long as she can steal intimate moments with her conjured lover, Tiras, she doesn’t mind living in the asylum. It’s the times when she gets caught, the times when they inject her with the magic-stealing serum that sends Tiras back to the Ether, that she can’t stand. When her lover starts to act strange one night only to disappear for days on end, Siren’s fragile psyche begins to unravel. Without Tiras, how will she cope with her asylum life?

Coming later this year: a new paranormal romance novella trilogy from AJ Mullican!

Karrye Gibbons has been a patient at Palmore’s Home for Wayward Mages since the age of sixteen, when she was diagnosed with nymphomania. As an enchantress, Karrye can have any man she wants–or any woman–but when an anti-mage is admitted to the asylum, she discovers something more enticing than her own addictive magic: a challenge. Whitaker’s aura cancels out any magic within ten feet of him, so Karrye can’t take the easy route if she wants to win him over.

Whitaker’s arrival isn’t the only thing new at Palmore’s, though. There’s a new therapy program being instituted, and Karrye’s the first patient assigned to a session. The therapy is not without its side effects, and with each session Karrye grows more and more suspicious of the motivations behind it.

Want to hear some of the music that inspires me while I write the Palmore’s series? Listen to the playlist below!

Palmore’s Home for Wayward Mages playlist