Little Bunny FooFoo

Little Bunny FooFoo

AJ Mullican

Bill and Mary decided to adopt a bunny for their little boy Adrian as an Easter present. Adrian was so excited he jumped and squealed and clapped his hands. Being the imaginative three-year-old that he was, and being that “Little Bunny FooFoo” was his favorite song, he named his new rabbit “FooFoo.”

What Bill and Mary hadn’t anticipated was FooFoo’s delicate nature. Unlike, say, a puppy, FooFoo couldn’t take being so roughly handled, as three-year-olds are wont to do.

A week after FooFoo came to Bill and Mary’s house, he died.

A week after that, the headaches began.

Adrian began waking with pounding headaches every morning. Adrian complained that it felt like he’d been hit on the head in his sleep. Bill and Mary tried to reassure him, but after a month Adrian grew to be terrified of sleeping. For a little while, they let him sleep in their room with them, but they eventually grew tired of his nonsense and insisted that he sleep in his own room again like a big boy.

The next morning, Bill and Mary woke to find Adrian dead in his room, his skull bashed in. On the wall these words were scrawled.

“Little Bunny FooFoo, hopping through his new house

“Catching all the children

“And bopping them on the head.”