Ideas aplenty, motivation at a loss

I’ve gotten a few new ideas for my #novel since taking my vacation break, but aside from doing some minor research I haven’t really done any new #writing or #revision on it.

It’s not that I don’t want to. I just don’t have the energy. I’m so wiped out from the break that I need, well, a break. I suppose if I had kept up with my critiques during my time off I wouldn’t be so tired, but I wanted to spend the time with family. Definitely worth it, but I feel guilty for getting backed up (even though I don’t really have a time limit beyond getting finished before the weekend).

Anywho, I think I can make my epilogue stronger by adding in an additional scene. I’m still working out the kinks of who to have come in and talk to the character, but I’ve worked out the genealogy of it (which, when working with supernatural beings, is tricky).

Critiques first, though. I try to put my responsibilities to other projects first. I have my draft written and most of my revision done. I can be patient with that. Besides, I need to save up for an editor. Unless, that is, I want to have my mom edit it, in which case I need to work up the nerve to have her read it. It is definitely not her normal genre lol I would still pay her though, so I still need to save up. Off to get the kitty out of the bathroom trash can now. He’s in a mood this morning.