I guess I didn’t mean it after all..

I really did intend to write more on my #novel today. However, life happened. Someone called out at work, so I was needed. It was good to get the hours, but after work I had to rush home, grab a load of laundry (or else I would’ve been underwearless the rest of the week), and take it to my parents’ house and back. The sleep deprivation of the past several days is beginning to take its toll.

The f*cking weather is not helping, either.

I’m grateful to live in an area with a mostly warm, dry climate (yay, desert!), but it still gets cold in the fall and winter; cold enough to cause my joints to be a tad angry at me. Today it was my knees. #IcyHot incoming! (This blog post is not officially endorsed in any way by the makers of #IcyHot, but damn that stuff works.)

I hope to sometime soon be able to record some files for my poetry anthology, “Kamikaze Butterflies.” I can make my voice sound semi-decent, and I’m pretty damn cheap to hire. All I ask of myself is an equal share of any royalties. That’s not too bad, right? I mean, divide the royalties by one–that’s a sweet deal.

I’m also going to order custom business cards and logo pens when I get paid Friday. Don’t worry, I’m going to blog/tweet/Instagram/share the bejeesus out of them when I get the final product. And I might even use the pens at work. Let’s see one of those doctors “accidentally” steal my pen now!