Gotta buckle down

I’m still working on those critiques. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Normally I get them done the day they’re sent to me, and I still have two to go.

I guess I should have kept up my momentum while I was on vacation. It’s easier to get back to my day job because I have no choice; I have to get up, get dressed, clock in, and get to it. With the critiques and the #writing, which currently brings no income, I have no set schedule and no hard deadline. I try to make one for myself, but I am not my best boss. I can ask others to do things, but when I tell myself to I don’t listen.

Wait… I guess that makes me a bad self employee, not a bad self boss. I’m giving myself deadlines and stern internal lectures after all. I just don’t listen. I’d demote myself, but there’s only one position.