Going boldly

So I’ve been working on a novella trilogy during all this social distancing stuff. It started as a paranormal romance series, but quarantine boredom being what it is, the stories are turning a little… steamy. Like, I’ve basically resigned myself to the fact that they’re going to end up being paranormal erotic romance novellas.

Is that really a bad thing, though? I mean, there’s a market for that kind of thing, possibly more so during these times of shut-in orders. Can’t go pick up someone you met on Tinder? That’s okay–pick up a spicy book instead!

I’m having fun with the stories, which is important, and I may even write more stories of the like later on. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to turn the Abnormalverse into an erotica zone; I’ll maybe write a couple scenes per book, but nothing like these. No, these take place in a different universe. A kinkier universe.

Despite my commitment to this series–I’ve even already got all three covers designed–I’m a little uncertain. I mean, writing something of this nature, I’m learning, is like baring yourself. Exposing yourself. And when those friends who love to support me go out and buy the books? What will they think of who I am as a person when they read what my characters do?

I am one hundred percent not like my characters.

Well, maybe I’m a little like them. In some aspects. But I’m definitely not as…uninhibited as they are. Not as free spirited.

I guess I’ll finish writing the trilogy, get it edited and polished and published, and let the chips fall where they may. Will I get teased? Oh, I’m sure someone will. But the main question is, do I care if they tease me?

We’ll find out the answer before the year is up!